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Grousemount Wind Farm

Area of Benefit

Zone 1:

        (a) A 2km corridor along the delivery route from Ballyvourney, through Coolea to the Grousemount Wind Farm site entrance, up through Coolnoohil, the Glen (Morley’s bridge) and on to Kilgarvan via R569.

(b) A 2km radius around the Grousemount Wind Farm site boundary.

     Zone 2:

(a)             A 10km radius around the centre of the Grousemount Wind Farm.

(b)            A 1.5km corridor of the grid connection to Ballyvouskill 220kV Substation (to be reviewed in year 3).

* Please note, awards may exceed the above suggested value if a project is identified as being of significant benefit to the community.


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